Pregnancy retreat in Tenerife

Pregnancy Retreat in Tenerife

28- 30 June 2024
La Orotava
This retreat is an opportunity to connect with your body and your baby in a natural environment such as the island of Tenerife. We are specialists in yoga retreats for pregnant women, workshops and practices specially designed for this stage.

Benefits of participating in the Pregnancy Retreat

- You will find a connection with yourself, your baby and other women who are going through the same process as you
- Through different workshops and practices you will banish myths and limiting beliefs, and replace fears with security and confidence.
- You will learn tools and resources that will allow you to live your pregnancy, birth and postpartum from a calm and peaceful place.

What is included in the pregnancy retreat?

Accomodation for pregnancy retreat
Accommodation: 3 days and 2 nights

Casa Divina is located in a quiet residential area close to historic centre. Surrounded by a garden with fruit trees and views of Teide and the ocean.

Double rooms with single beds.

Full board

Friday – dinner

Saturday – breakfast, lunch and dinner

Sunday – breakfast

Infusions, fruit and herbal teas during the day.

clases de yoga para embarazadas en Tenerife
Prenatal Yoga

In our Prenatal Yoga sessions, you’ll get to embrace and acknowledge the transformations your body experiences throughout pregnancy, find relief from discomfort, build strength, and gain valuable tools to foster a sense of safety, support, and confidence throughout this journey.


Swap out your childbirth jitters for a sense of calm, security, and confidence. Join us for a workshop where you’ll gain access to accurate, up-to-date information, learn essential resources and tools for childbirth, and conquer your fears with guided meditations and relaxation techniques. Get ready to embrace the journey to motherhood with a newfound sense of empowerment and readiness.

Breastfeeding workshop

Join our «Breastfeeding Essentials» workshop to discover the secrets of successful breastfeeding, recognize red flags indicating potential issues, and understand your baby’s unique needs. This comprehensive session is designed to boost your confidence and empower you on your breastfeeding journey.

Workshops with experts

During our prenatal retreat in Tenerife, we’re excited to welcome a skilled midwife and a specialized pelvic floor physiotherapist. They’ll lead insightful workshops filled with both theory and hands-on practice, offering invaluable knowledge and skills. Remember, knowledge is indeed power.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is our Solo Babymoon Retreat about?

Our Solo Babymoon Retreat is designed exclusively for expectant moms like you. Immerse yourself in a personalized experience focused on wellness, relaxation, and empowerment as you prepare for the joy of motherhood. Explore rejuvenating activities such as prenatal yoga, circles, and insightful workshops led by experts. It’s your opportunity to unwind, nurture your well-being, and embrace this transformative journey with confidence.

– What does the retreat DO include?

2 nights’ accommodation in a shared room with a single bed.

Vegetarian menu (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

All workshops and Prenatal yoga practices.

– What does the retreat NOT include?

  • Flights/ferries
  • Transport to the house

A few weeks before the retreat I will create a WhatsApp group so that you can organise yourselves in cars to come together.

– How do I book? What is the payment method?

To formalise the booking you will need to have a call with me! Here we will get to know each other and we will know if this retreat resonates with you and the other way around 🙂

Then the payment will be made by bizum or bank transfer to the number we provide you privately, with copy of the receipt to

– I have never practiced yoga, is this retreat for me?

Yes, don’t worry because I will explain everything in detail so that you only have to enjoy without worrying about anything else.

– Can I cancel if I don’t go?

One possible option would be to find someone to fill your place before the 2 weeks prior to the retreat.

If this is not the case, I will unfortunately not be able to refund you.

– What is the weather like, what clothes should I bring and should I bring a mat?

The temperature is usually very pleasant, although it can be cool in the morning and afternoon.

You will probably need comfortable clothes for the activities, and some warm clothes for the evenings.

As for the mat, please bring your own mat, If you don´t have, let me know so I can take one for you.

Join us to live this experience!
retiro para embarazadas en Tenerife
  • Full board

  • Two nights in a shared room with single bed

  • Workshops (5)

  • Prenatal Yoga Practices (3)

  • Maternity circles and rituals

Only 395 euros!
Before finalising the booking, we need to talk to get to know each other.
Now it's my turn to introduce myself

I’m Amanda, and the little girl in the photo is my daughter Famara.

I am 37 years old, I am a mother, but also a daughter, granddaughter, woman, a proffesional….

I find immense joy in supporting women through their journey of motherhood—from the anticipation of pregnancy to the depths of postpartum experiences. I believe in living and embodying every aspect of this transformative journey.

My approach involves guiding women through various practices such as Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, Yoga with baby, Yoga for couples, Hypnobirthing, Meditation, attentive listening, facilitating circles, support groups, and providing counseling. Witnessing women evolve and create connections within a supportive community has been a profoundly beautiful and magical experience in my life, and it continues to be so. 🤍

The idea for Babymoon Retreat stemmed from my own longing during pregnancy to connect with my body, my baby, and fellow women navigating the same path. I yearned for a space like this—a sanctuary where I could have shared, nourished myself (physically, emotionally, and psychologically), disconnected to truly connect, and reclaimed ownership of my pregnancy journey.

It’s an opportunity to pause, to breathe consciously, to tune into our bodies and emotions, and to consciously choose to experience this journey with a sense of security, calmness, and confidence.

If you still have any doubts...
Please contact me

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retiro para embarazadas en Tenerife